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About Different S Curve Values?

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing great.
I have a question, please help me out with possible justification.
That, schedule percentage shows is the amount of work you have planned for a particular month. 
Now when I drive S-Curve from P6 it is showing different value.
For example.
One of the project I'm working, driven S-curve is showing 16% planned value upto December and when I go and schedule P6 on December 30 or 1 Jan it is giving 14.54% as my planned value.
I don't know why it's giving different values.
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    • Admin
      14:16, 14 Aralık 2020
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      Planned s-curve must be incremental unless you apply a new re-baseline. If everything is ok, there should be a bug in your installation. Have you ever tried that schedule with P6 on another computer as well? If it works properly on another pc, I can recommend you to re-install your P6.
      By the way, could please share the screenshot of your planned values s-curve for clarification of the problem?