» WBS Organizer v2.0 Add-in for Microsoft Excel

WBS Organizer v2.0 Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Key Features: WBS Organizer v2.0
• Build Menu

Easily coloring and grouping activities by WBS Level using the "Build" button with Primavera P6's default color settings.

• Layout Settings Menu

Customize color settings with options for color, font size, saving, or deleting the layout. 
Previously saved color settings are available for re-use. Additionally, remove leading spaces in WBS and activity names. 
For applying coloring without grouping, use the "Remove Grouping" option.

• Gantt Chart Menu

- Monthly Schedule: 
A feature has been added where you can choose the time interval in months and draw either just the current schedule or both the current schedule and the baseline at the same time with a single click.

- Weekly Schedule: 
You can now select any day as the first day of the week, set the time interval as a week, and draw either just the current schedule or both the current schedule and the baseline at the same time.

Additionally, by selecting your method for identifying critical activities (total float or longest path), you can draw your critical activities using the default red color, or you can change the color as per your preference, and by selecting the option to "draw by data date", you will be able to see the actual and remaining bars in two different colors (blue and green as default), just like in Primavera P6.

WBS Roll-up Menu

- Numerical Values Option: 
As everyone knows, when you transfer data from Primavera to Excel, it is retrieved as text. We manually add the =SUM formula to columns like units and costs to make the WBS dynamic. This process is tedious and time-consuming for large work schedules. Instead of doing this manually, this feature of the add-in will add the formulas to the relevant WBS level with a single click.

- Dates Option: 
Similarly, to make the dates in the WBS dynamic, this feature will place the (=MIN, =MAX) formulas according to the relevant WBS level.

• Check for Updates Menu
As everyone knows, in this menu, you can follow the current version of the add-in and receive notifications.

Changes in the version 1.1

- Added settings menu to select color by level.
- Added options to save and delete color layout.
- Added an option to edit dates based on MS Excel.
- Added an option to remove lead spaces of WBS and activity.
- Simplified with the "Build" button instead of selecting the Activity ID column with the inputbox.
- Fixed the Activity ID column width. 

What is a WBS Organizer?

WBS Organizer is an add-on, designed to make your projects prepared in Oracle Primavera P6 and MS Project more visual and grouped on Microsoft Excel.

When you move your projects created with Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project software to Microsoft Excel with copy / paste method, it appears as non-functional plain text.

At this point, WBS Organizer can move the same project view as in Primavera P6 or MS Project software onto Microsoft Excel by grouping and coloring within seconds according to the hierarchy order.

Thanks to WBS Organizer, you will be able to group and colorize a project created with Primavera P6, keeping the activity table, resource allocation table or the WBS order, hierarchy structure, custom grouped and sorted by the user.

It works on all windows and office versions.
It can be used with two language options, English and Turkish.
How Does It Work?

WBS Organizer works as a Microsoft Excel add-in. When the installation is completed, it will be appeared under the Home Tab. WBS Organizer provides a simple use with Build, Reset and About buttons. With Build button you can configure your raw project which is copied and pasted from Microsoft Excel. You can restore your configured work schedule with the "Reset" button.

You can restructure your raw data imported from both P6 or MSP. It works in compatible with both software.

The WBS Organizer add-in works based on a single PC license. The purchased license has no time limit. Once received, you can use the activation code for life time.

Version: 2.0
Developer: Gürkan GEÇİCİ
Available languages: English, Turkish
Supported Software: Primavera P6, MS Project
MS Office Compatibility: x64, x86
License Type: Life-time
Trial Version: No
Price: $99 (one-time payment)